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Charlene Y. Dunn, Ed.D., CPCC

Branding  Strategist & Educator for Pivoting Professionals

Hi, I'm Dr. Dunn, Brand Strategist & National Board Certified Educator. For over 20+ years, I've have enjoyed teaching subjects from, career development, business, marketing to entrepreneurship education and working in my purpose, helping children & adults, explore different career paths and prepare for various professions. I believe, knowledge is powerhouse tools that if used properly, can change your life.


I am a lifelong student who  absolutely loves learning, & sharing what I know.  I am super excited about combining my skills & experiences with a sprinkle of personal development to help others grow and become who they desire to be.

Meet Dr. Dunn

I Practice What I Teach

I practice what I teach. I've owned a business & career education learning studio that serviced female entrepreneurs, freelanced as a contractor with local towns to teach entrepreneurship classes to residents and organized pop-up shop events for young entrepreneurs. Through these entrepreneurship ventures, I learned many lessons and grew from many mistakes.

After the pandemic of 2020, like many other Americans, I needed a change. Not quite ready for the Great Resignation, I continued teaching full-time and simultaneously made a pivot to repurpose my entrepreneurship experiences and business & marketing education expertise.  I focused on what infused my purpose & passion to specialize in Brand Strategy for Pivoting Professionals with a sprinkle of Personal Development

With a strong understanding that branding is the backbone and strategy is the brains behind any business, I leveraged my experiences, mastered my skills, built my expertise and hone my knowledge to created an organized framework that takes the guesswork out of building your personal brand.

The Ultimate Branding Systemhelps pivoting professionals, coaches and service based entrepreneurs establish a firm foundation of substance and gain clarity in their messaging to confidently build an impactful online brand & profitably package their expertise into a digital product, doable while working a 9 to 5.

"I pivoted in my profession to brand my brilliance and I want to help you do the same".

Dr. Dunn

Dr. Dunn

Brand Strategist & Educator for Pivoting Professionals.

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