Dr. Charlene Y. Dunn

Digital Business Educator

Charlene Y. Dunn Ed.D.
Savvy Solopreneur

Educator & Entrepreneur

 Dr. Charlene Y. Dunn started her professional career in corporate America as a claims analyst at the tech giant IBM before transitioning to become a long time business, marketing & information technology educator. During her teaching tenure she assumed many leadership roles and earned several professional certifications & degrees including a

Doctorate of Education. 

Throughout her career, Dr. Dunn infused her teaching expertise, entrepreneurial fervor and professional experiences to begin branding her brilliance and monetizing her skills.  She explored her multi passions that paved the paths for her to learn life lessons, explore her business interests and launch her own eLearning platform, Upload Your Brilliance.   


Dr. Dunn leveraged who she is and what she can do

to create her own lane and she loves it there!

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How It Started

  • Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Education.

  • Obtained certification as a K-12 Business & Marketing Teacher

  • Earned National Board Certification in the area of Career & Tech Education.

  • Marketed herself for freelancing jobs related to her skills. 

  • Self taught and built a Wordpress website to market her experience. 

  • Created her first digital product line with the first purchase order being over $1000.

  • Opened a brick and mortar learning studio to host career development class and entrepreneur education workshops.

  • Explored various interests in pursuit of a business focus.

  • Made many mistakes & learned many lessons as a new solopreneur.

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How It's Going

  • Did market research on her business interest.

  • Closed the doors of her brick and mortar learning studio to follow market demand for eLearning.

  • Invested in a business coach and digital commerce education. 

  • Tapped into personal & professional experiences and discovered her niche'. 

  • Launched online platforms and learned the digital business game.

  • Focused her teaching skills, entrepreneurial passion & business experience to launch Upload Your Brilliance, an eLearning platform that focuses on business, entrepreneurship & career education for new solopreneurs and career development professionals.

  • Loving teaching concepts to help others build their brand & business while simultaneously growing  her eLearning empire.