Build Your Brand &
Package Your Expertise 
While Working Your 9 to 5.

For women who have decided to start a business while working  a 9 to 5. 

Making the Decision Was the Hardest Part

After years on your job and dabbling on the side, you finally decided now is the time to stop being a hidden expert.

You have decided, this is your year to pivot in your profession, take the leap, go all in and launch your own brand.  You've started or are planning to start your website and social media and other than that, you have no clue where to begin.


Stop Waisting Time Figuring It Out

You know you got skills but now you're trying to figure out what to say about yourself and how to share it. You are searching countless websites and Youtube videos, learning a piece from here and a piece from their on how to start your personal brand.

If you pause and be honest with yourself, it gets a little overwhelming. 


Build Your Brand & Package Your Expertise

You're in the right place if you are...

An impactful brand is more than a logo & colors. Your brand is the impression you leave with others.

It’s the way they perceive you, your business and the value they place in what you offer.

The great thing is, you don't have to figure all this branding and stuff out alone.

Upload Your Brilliance™ is an education & coaching platform that teaches courageous pivoting professionals, how to build your own impactful brand and profitably package your expertise into digital products, all while working your 9 to 5. 

Hidden Expert

Have skills and experience but don't know how they can be used to help someone.

Don't Know What to Say 

A little unsure of how to package all of your knowledge into a brand message.

Under Valued

Struggling to express what you do to articulate your value & monetize your knowledge.

3 Key Actions to Build a Magnetic Authentic Brand

Get Clear.jpg

Get Clear

Get clear on your expertise and purpose.

Get Confident.jpg

Get Confident

Get confident in your position & message.

Get Valued.jpg

Get Valued

Get valued by articulating your worth in your content &  offers.

Dr. Charlene Y. Dunn
Brand Strategist & Educator

 My Purpose for Creating Upload Your Brilliance

Is to guide women on their own unique journey to create impactful purposeful personal brands.

My Hope 

Is that your brand will help you manifest your life's version

of leisure, luxury and legacy.

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Dr. Dunn